About Rahua Farm

Rahuafarm is a total end to end farm company which is providing services of agricultural implements used in sowing, growth and harvesting. The company provides implement support during various phases of crop. It is using farm experience to enhance farm productivity with team of farmers with combined farm experience of more than 100 years. This company is helping famers save production cost and enhance farmer’sincomes. The company aspires to use technology to manage crop health,planting solution, harvest solution, fertilizer management, irrigation management and pre & post harvest solution. Enabling farmers with best farming practices and technology will help famers enhance farm income and reduce costs.

Our Team

Sunil Kumar Jha

Sushil Kumar Jha

Mr. Jha has experience of more than 35 years in farming. Mr. Jha is a graduate and farmer by birth. Mr. Jha belongs to family of farmers and has been involved in farming since his early age. He has knack of adoption of technology for farming. He has deep understanding of farming machines, uses under various climatic conditions. He is involved in end to end farming and brings his experience to farm. He looks after the operations of Rahua Farm.

Jawahar Thakur

Jawahar Thakur

Mr. Thakur is a graduate and has more than 50 years’ experience in farming. Mr. Thakur belongs family of farmers. He has been involved in agriculture since his childhood.Mr. thakur has experience in managing large land holdings. He has been involved with various farmers with his vast experience. He is well known among the farmer community. In Rahua Farm he looks after the general management. He will bring success to Rahua Farm with his experience and ability.


Nitesh Jha

Nitesh Jha is a graduate with experience of more than 15 years in sales and financial control. He is from a farmer family and brings experience of sales and finance. He is overseeing the whole ground team and his prior experience in handling teams will bring value to the company.

S. Kumar

S. Kumar

Mr. Kumar is qualified MBA and heads strategy part at Rahua Farm. Previously he headed commodities research and trading firm based out of Dubai and Argentina.

D. Gyan

Dipankar Gyan

Mr. Gyan is qualified MBA with more than 15 years in commodities research and trading. His deep understanding of prices and macroeconomics will help RahuaFarm to plan accordingly. He looks after the finance department of the company.

Rahul Jaiswal

Rahul Jaiswal

Mr. Jaiswal is IIT Kanpur Graduate and looks after the technology aspects of Rahua Farm. Previously he has been associated with many startups. Under him all the technical aspects and it’s deployment to the farm is planned.

Gautam Jha

Anurag Jha

Anurag Jha is a graduate with experience of more than 13 years in the field of civil and construction. He is from a farmer family and his experience of ground work and handling team on the ground will help the company. His prior experience in handling ground teams will bring value to the company.


Vikki Jha

Vikki Jha is a young and dynamic person looking to create impact on the ground team and support the company with his youth and energy.